COVID19 Operation Protocol

To ensure we can maintain the safety of our patients and staff whilst still meeting the health needs of our local population, Ocean Sports Therapy will be operating slightly differently and will comply with the latest advice set out by the Government, NHS, PHE and Therapy governing bodies.

These changes include: 

– All patients attending an appointment must complete a written consent/disclaimer form. Here they will acknowledge the limited risk of COVID19 infection transmission risk due to the reduced social distance of treatments. 

– Our appointment times will be staggered to allow for santisiaton of the clinic room and plinth between patients and to ensure no more than one patient is in the same area at a single time. Therefore, it is really important patients do not arrive before their appointment time. 

– We enforce a strict policy that anyone with any COVID-19 symptoms MUST stay away from the clinic and reschedule their appointment. We further politely ask all patients to perform a temperature check at home before attending their appointment. 

– A strict cleaning, sanitation and infection control protocol will be adhered to, including door handles, touchable surfaces/card machine etc. 

– All soft furnishings have been removed. Disposable paper towels only on plinth. 

– Only one person per appointment is permitted on the premises at any time (unless a chaperone is required) and we request that you bring the minimum of belongings. 

– Patients will be asked to sanitise hands on both entry to and exit from the premises. Anti bacterial hand gel will be supplied and fixed to an accessible wall. 

– We operate a “no touch policy” for any hard surfaces. 

– Our clinical staff will wear face coverings as standard for every appointment. Gloves will be optional and down to the discretion of the therapist and the patient. Such PPE will be provided. 

– We politely request that all patients arrive at Ocean Sports Therapy with a face covering. If this is not possible a face mask will be provided for patient; of which, must be worn throughout the whole appointment time.