Prices and Packages


Sports Therapy:

  • Consultation = £65.00  (60 – 90 minutes) *

  • Follow Ups = £50.00 (45 – 60 minutes) *

Every appointment with a new patient will begin with a consultation to gather information about an injury and the individual we are treating (10 minutes). Once this is complete we will perform an assessment of the injury and affected areas, including functional assessments and causes of injury (10-20 minutes). From here we can move into treating the injury using a variety of treatment methods including joint mobilisations, sports massage, ultrasound, MET + PNF stretching and various muscle activation techniques (35 – 45 minutes). Finally, your session will be complete with an instruction of rehabilitation and the next steps towards your recovery (10 minutes).  All appointments will be debriefed throughout on what has been found, what treatment has been implemented and what effects are expected.

Sports Massage:

  • 60 minutes = £50.00 *

  • 30 minutes – £38.00 *

Deep tissue Sports Massage is recommneded for anyone who may be suffering with tight muscles. Muscles in the body can become tight due to occupational, postural or sports related stress. Sports massage is ideal to prevent injuries, manage injuries, reduce pain, increase flexibility and speed up recovery. All sports massage has to be applied deeply into the muscles in order for the patient to feel the benefits. Good comminucation from your therapist will always ensure the correct pressue is being applied for you. Post treatment we recommend drinking plenty of water and applying gentle stretches.


Promotions and special offers

Discount treatment for sports teams!! If you are a member of a sports team of any kind, affiliate your team with Ocean Sports Therapy and get a discount on all treatments available.


Block Bookings

 Sports Therapy

  • 10 x 1 hour sessions – £450 saving £50


* Bank Holidays + £10 to prices ** Terms and conditions apply. See terms of use page for more details. Please note there is a small additional fee applied to payments made via credit card. Payments can be made via cash, cheque and debit card without any added charges. All appointments require a 24 hour notice period to cancel an appointment. Any appointments cancelled after this time will be charged the appointment fee.