Ocean Sports Therapy are very pleased to provide our customers and members of the public with home learning videos. These can be used to manage an injury, refresh rehab programmes and prevent injuries from occurring/recurring. Please click on the links bellow or visit our Facebook to view.



TRAPPED NERVE – Do you think you may have a trapped nerve? It is always best to seek advice before starting an exercise programme however this is a very easy exercise to perform and can be great to ease any tension around the neck.


SCIATICA STRETCH – Are you suffering with sciatic pain? If so – try this stretch. It is always best to ensure sciatica is diagnosed before commencing a treatment or rehab plan. This stretch is also fantastic for anyone suffering with tightness in their hamstrings or calfs!


CHEST STRETCH – Probably the most popular body part worked in the gym and also most commonly found locked short (rounded shoulders). Here we have 3 exercises as always you can use before or after exercise as well as for general mobility.
GLUTE STRETCH  – The strongest and one of the most neglected muscles in your body and key in so many sports and exercises. Here we have 3 ways to release your glutes! ALSO try this GLUTE STRETCH for a real burn!


CALF STRETCH  – This one is especially important for those completing a lot of straight line running or chronically suffering with tight calfs. These exercises are also great for warm-ups, warm-downs and general mobility.
HAMSTRING STRETCH – People get lots of problems in the hamstring from either being hamstring or quadriceps dominant so it’s important when active to keep as mobile through your hamstrings as possible! Try these before or after exercise, as part of a warm up or general mobility.


GROIN STRETCHES – Here we aim to stretch our adductors, also known as the groin. Please click on the link to see few great stretches that can be added into a warm up routine, used before you squat on leg day or to just implement if you are feeling groin tightness and discomfort. Give these a go!


HIP FLEXOR STRETCH – Try this simple stretch for the hip flexors. They work extremely hard during any sport, If the muscle gets too tight it can not only cause pain and discomfort but it could effect your stride as well as other joints such as your knees and ankles.


SHOULDER MOBILITY –  This is a combination of dynamic stretches, self mobilisation and static stretch. These 3 exercises are excellent for reducing shoulder stiffness, reducing shoulder pain or to be used as a pre gym shoulder warm up.


LOWER BACK MOBILITY – Follow these simple movements daily to improve your lower back mobility. With many movements we suggest patients avoid pushing into pain, but especially with these daily movements keep the exercise pain free and comfortable!


ANKLE MOBILITY + REDUCING STIFFNESS – Want to reduce ankle stiffness? Try these two simple and easy exercises that can be completed daily to help reduce ankle stiffness and pain.


GLUTE ACTIVATION – Weak glutes or glutes that are not contracting properly can predispose injuries around the lower back, groin, hip and even the knee so make sure your glutes are working properly. You can activate your glutes without a resistance band but for the quickest burn these are great.
ROTATOR CUFF STRENGTHENING – These exercises are fantastic for improving our rotator cuff muscles deep inside our shoulder. These exercises are often prescribed as rehabilitation post a shoulder injury but they are also fantastic for strengthening and gym warm ups!


ANKLE STABILITY – Do you want better ankle stability?  If you work on your balance you will be improving a function known as ‘proprioception’, vital in stability and injury prevention. This is an excellent exercise to also recruit your thigh muscles and strengthen ankle/knee ligaments. It will benefit all those who take part in any sport!


ITB SYNDROME – Have you got ITB Syndrome? We often hear about ‘runners knee’ or ITB syndrome – the fascia band can become very tight due to working hard to maintain a good alignment between our hip and our knee. It’s important to keep the band as flexible as possible and importantly ensure the surrounding tissues (glutes, TFL, lateral quad) are not too tight!


POSTURE RELATED PAIN – Do you think you may be suffering from posture related discomfort, possibly from being desk bound? Here are 5 exercises to do if you are suffering! These exercises are focused around easing tension in the lower back and hips. Importantly, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect posture’ – however often our work means we have to stay in the same position for long periods of time and this can cause us some problems. So, in addition give these daily UPPER BODY EXERCISES a go as well if you are struggling with occupational discomforts around the neck, shoulders and chest!


HOW TO LUNGE AND NOT TO – We see often see people in clinic complaining of general patella tendon pain, and discomfort at the front of their knee. Without a doubt there is a direct correlation with this and an individual’s lunging technique! The issue is when we think of a lunge we think of what I have demonstrated in this video – but it does nothing but strain our knees! So please lunge correctly and you will get much more of a work out in the right areas.


CORE CONTROL – Want to develop your core? This is an excellent exercise to develop your deep core muscles and help ensure all the important muscles around your lower back are doing their job! The core is vital in all aspect of sport, especially preventing injuries!


INJURY PREVENTION – ere are our 5 top exercises to be included in any injury prevention programme. We focus on the glutes, quads, core, hamstrings and joint stability. Please note this programme does not include stretches, this programme is focused around strengthening and activating our muscle groups.