Sports Therapy:

  • Consultation = £68.00  (60 – 90 minutes) 

  • Follow Ups = £40.00 – £53.00 (30 – 60 minutes) 

Every appointment with a new patient will begin with a consultation to gather information about an injury and the individual we are treating (10 minutes). Once this is complete we will perform an assessment of the injury and affected areas, including functional assessments and causes of injury (10-20 minutes). From here we can move into treating the injury using a variety of treatment methods including joint mobilisations, sports massage, ultrasound therapy, dry needling (modern acupuncture), MET + PNF stretching and various muscle activation techniques (35 – 45 minutes). Finally, your session will be complete with an instruction of rehabilitation and the next steps towards your recovery (10 minutes).  All appointments will be debriefed throughout on what has been found, what treatment has been implemented and what effects are expected.

Sports Massage:

  • 60 minutes = £53.00 

  • 30 minutes = £40.00 

Deep tissue Sports Massage is recommended for anyone who may be suffering with tight muscles. Muscles in the body can become tight due to occupational, postural or sports related stress. Sports massage is ideal to prevent injuries, manage injuries, reduce pain, increase flexibility and speed up recovery. All sports massage has to be applied deeply into the muscles in order for the patient to feel the benefits. Good communication from your therapist will always ensure the correct pressure is being applied for you. Post treatment we recommend drinking plenty of water and applying gentle stretches.


Block Booking = 10 x 60 minute sessions = £450 saving £80


  • Consultation (60mins) = £68.00

  • Follow Ups (25-30mins) = £45.00

Our Chiropractor will use a variety of spinal and peripheral joint adjustments, mobilisations and the application of soft tissue treatment to treat a patient. Chiropractors focus on the spine and the neuro-musculoskeletal system and are trained to identify restrictions, imbalances and dysfunction within the body. Every appointment with a new patient will begin with a consultation to gather information about an injury, the individual we are treating and to ensure we are offering the best treatment method. We can then perform an assessment of the injury and affected areas. When able to go into the treatment phase, we will be applying various adjustments where needed. Your appointment will be complete with instruction of next steps towards your recovery and a detailed debrief on what has been found, what treatment has been implemented and what effects are expected.  

Gift Vouchers:

  • Sports Massage 30mins = £40.00

  • Sports Massage 60mins = £53.00

  • Sports Massage 90mins = £68.00

Looking for the perfect gift? Why not buy someone an experience. Our sports massage gift vouchers can be purchased in three difference time options. Simply email to purchase your gift voucher. Vouchers are simply emailed over to you and come with a 3month expiration date. You are then able to add your own personal message to the voucher including To/From.


To book an appointment, either:

  • email:

  • Call: 01183278043

  • Book Online

Please note, not all treatment methods are available to book online.



Gait Analysis:

  • Assessment: £40.00 (45-60min)

A comprehensive gait assessment allows your health care practitioner to determine if your feet are having a negative impact on the way that you stand, walk, run and move. The assessment will include a physical exam of your lower limbs followed by a GaitScanTM Computerised Analysis. A report will be generated by the GaitScanTM software that your health care practitioner will analyse and use to make a diagnosis. We are really pleased to offer this comprehensive level of foot assessment within our facility.
Your foot is in contact with the ground for less than one second, making it nearly impossible to determine abnormal foot function with the naked eye. This is why your health care practitioner has chosen to use a GaitScanTM as part of a comprehensive gait analysis. This cutting edge technology will provide critical information to determine if you will benefit from a custom orthotic.

Customised Orthotics:

  • £260 (1st pair) 

Includes: prescription, production, delivery and a 15-20 minute follow up fitting. Custom orthotics play an important role in reducing stress and strain on the body by restoring a natural balance through healthy movement patterns. With regular use, custom orthotics will allow you to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. 
For more information on Gait Analysis and customised orthotics, please click here. 

Dry Needling (Modern Acupuncture):

  • Consultation = £53.00 (45-60 mins)

  • Follow Ups = £40.00   (30-45 mins)

Dry needling uses a thin filiform needle that penetrates the soft tissues. Such needles have a thin flexible pointed tip to allow for a very quick, often pain free penetration of the skin; the same are used in acupuncture. Dry needling will typically affect pain, healing and the release of trigger points. Research done on dry needling and acupuncture have concluded positive effects of both treatment methods with reference to pain and muscular tension reduction. Whether it is reducing shoulder tension, easing lower back pain, healing muscle strains or fixing tendon injuries, dry needling is often very beneficial.
These sessions will begin with an initial consultation, followed by a specific dry needling written consent where we discuss all the necessary information before going into the treatment. Any further questions do not hesitate to get in touch. To read more about Dry Needling please click here. 

Full Body Assessment – ‘The OST Body MOT’ including Gait Scan

  • 90 Minutes = £79.00

This is a prehabilitative and preventative measure to keep you stronger, fitter, healthier, moving better and injury/pain free for longer. Overtime we all develop a number of movement patterns to compensate for weakness, injury and lifestyle factors. Over a number of years, this can lead to excess strain on certain joints and before long lead to pain, injury and dysfunction. The OST Body MOT involves a comprehensive assessment of 30 specific tests designed to identify areas that could be performing sub-optimally and could compromise your ability to achieve your goals or predispose injury. Plus the assessment will include a gait analysis scan using our gait scan force platform. All results are then presented in a document, including a break down of strengths, weaknesses and recommendations to address.


Our Treatment Modalities:

  • Spinal and peripheral joint mobilisations using Maitland’s or Mulligan’s techniques

  • Sports massage therapy/deep tissue release including pre and post activity massage

  • Acupuncture Dry Needling

  • Dry Cupping

  • Electrotherapy, including ultrasound and interferential therapy

  • Exercise prescription rehabilitation and prevention techniques, specific to an individual

  • Core stability exercises

  • Prescribed rest and recovery if necessary

  • PNF + MET stretching techniques

  • Strapping and taping

  • Specific injury rehabilitation plans Postural Assessments

  • ‘The OST Body MOT’ – Functional movement and health screening

  • Gait Scan – Using GaitScanTM Technology

Conditions Treated

We offer treatments for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions such as:

  • All Sport/Occupational injuries, acute or chronic

  • Soft Tissue Injuries (muscle strains, ligament sprains & tendonopathies)

  • Joint Stiffness & PainArthritis (Osteoarthritis/ Rheumatoid Arthritis)

  • Back Pain

  • Neck Pain (Including associated headaches and jaw related symptoms)

  • Pre and Post Operative Care (e.g. fractures, dislocations and joint replacements)

Terms and conditions apply. Payments can be made via cash, cheque and debit card. All appointments require a 24 hour notice period to cancel an appointment. Any appointments cancelled after this time will be charged 50% of the appointment fee.