NEW: Gait Analysis using GaitScanTM

A comprehensive gait assessment allows your health care practitioner to determine if your feet are having a negative impact on the way that you stand, walk, run and move. The assessment will include a physical exam of your lower limbs followed by a GaitScanTM Computerized Analysis. A report will be generated by the GaitScanTM software that your health care practitioner will analyse and use to make a diagnosis.

How can custom orthotics help?  Custom orthotics play an important role in reducing stress and strain on the body by restoring a natural balance through healthy movement patterns. With regular use, custom orthotics will allow you to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Even though they will last for many years, we recommend a comprehensive gait assessment every one to two years to ensure that the custom orthotic continues to meet your changing needs.

Why is a GaitScanTM analysis so important? Your foot is in contact with the ground for less than one second, making it nearly impossible to determine abnormal foot function with the naked eye. This is why your health care practitioner has chosen to use a GaitScanTM as part of a comprehensive gait analysis. This cutting edge technology will provide critical information to determine if you will benefit from a custom orthotic.

How to book in: We are really pleased to be able to offer this comprehensive level of foot assessment within Ocean Sports Therapy. Assessments will be carried out by our therapist Jane, who is dedicated to a well rounded approach to treating those in pain. 

Where: Within our Wokingham (Berkshire) and Wallingford (Oxfordshire) Clinics   

Cost: £40 per assessment (45-60 mins)

Contact: // 01189732171 // OR book online.