Geoff Smith (2019)

Thank you so much for your work when treating my back. When it first locked the pain was simply debilitating and radiated the entire length of my spine. I was unable to rotate my hips to turn and I could not rise from a chair without pushing up with my arms. The treatments and exercises have worked brilliantly and now feels so very much better. I shall as advised carry on with my exercises and contact you again if I need you. Thank you once again – Brilliant service and outstanding treatment.

Harriet Dismorr (2019)

Excellent knowledge and very professional. When I hurt my back, Jane was incredibly helpful and helped me ease myself back into running!

Chris Rumble (2019)

I managed to tear my ACL whilst skiing last year. Post surgery I have been seeing Jane at Ocean Sports Therapy for all my treatments and rehabilitation. I can not thank her enough for all her hard work and enthusiasm. whilst my rehab has not been easy, its really been so effective. I am not getting back into exercise and it feels great. Thank you again.

Stuart Tutton (2018)

I can’t thank Jane enough! I went to her with 2 groin strains, and issue with my shoulder and a thrown back (I’m falling apart), with the strict instructions that I had a half iron man booked in 6 months that I had to train for. Jane Fixed my ailments with great aftercare and support to keep me on top of my injuries so as I could still train, race and complete my challenge. One of the groin strains was in fact a long standing hip flexor issue that was identified by Jane and I can now finally manage myself. Thank you so much Jane!

Megan Philpott (2018)

After suffering with compartment syndrome for over years, Ocean Sports Therapy has finally enabled me to get back into tennis and training. Thank you for all your hard work and knowledge.

Josh White (2018)

Excellent treatment for a back condition over the last few years. Very knowledgeable and would highly recommend.

Robert Hadley (2018)

Highly recommend – programmed of treatment and rehab from Jane sorted a shoulder problem that I had suffered with for years.

Simon Percival (2018)

Great service and knowledgable, Jane sorted out a few very painful niggling sports injuries I had picked up. Highly recommended.

Coral Rumble (2018)

Jane treated me for a shoulder injury after a fall. Every session with her led to more improvement. I can now use my shoulder normally without pain. Jane instils confidence during treatments and gives the encouragement you need to reach your goal.

Gordon Visgandis (2018)

Jane is an extremely professional yet friendly physiotherapist. She restored my hope that I could get back to martial arts after surgery and was incredibly encouraging. I would highly recommend her and Ocean Sports Therapy to anyone.

Stephanie Carrick (2018)

After suffering from a number and variation of sporting injuries I thought I had hit my wall with my football career. With Jane’s support and physio I have overcome my recent ankle injury and now have a better understanding of the importance of strength and conditioning. Jane is a professional who I can trust to give me honest advice and is someone who I would highly recommend.

David Miller (2017)

I have been attending Ocean Sports Therapy for over 6 years now and I have always found the staff professional, solve problems and provide good advice.

Harry Dunn (2017)

Brilliant treatment at Ocean Sports Therapy. I am making progress now thanks to be recommended to come here. Thank you Jane.

James Treherne (2017)

I have been a frequent visitor since day one. Standard, professionalism and quality are always top notch. As a long distance endurance runner I put Jane through her paces to fix me, but she does every time and smiles throughout! No matter how ruined my body is she fixes me up 10/10.

Tom Scott (2017)

I have been treated at Ocean Sports Therapy  by Jane for over a year for various injuries. The treatments are outstanding and rehabilitation is progressive. A very knowledgeable team who are always willing to help.

Jonathan Last (2017)

Joe is a talented and dedicated therapist, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Joe to anyone but especially those who are active and susceptible to injury.

Clive Durran (2017)

I had a very bad case of sciatica. After 3 sessions with Jane the pain had gone – thank you.

Chris Last (2017)

Joe has a very good knowledge of anatomy and good understanding of how to tackle challenging issues with my body. Joe has allowed for flexibility with my appointments contributing to a great service – well worth the price.

Scott Marlin (2016)

The whole OST experience completely different to other Sport clinics I have used in the past. I thoroughly recommend you get in touch!

Gill Oldridge (2017)

I have been attending Ocean Sports Therapy since is first opened for sports massage. I have always been very satisfied with the treatments I receive from Jane and I will continue to do so.

Alex Folefae (2017)

I attended the clinic as a gift from my wife. The service was very courteous and reassuring by Jane. Totally recommended for anyone needing help with muscle or sports injuries.

Gary Farrell (2016)

Just wanted to reiterate how grateful I am to OST. Not only have you guys guided me through pains, injuries and worries but you are helping me prepare for my events coming up this year. Reassurance, pain, relief and great chat under the same roof!! Yes OST!! Thank you Gary

Stuart and Sue (2017)

Fantastic standard of Sports Massage – Many thanks.

Laurenne Dorgan (2016)

I am writing so say I am delighted with the massage I recieved from yourself.

I walked in very stiffly, suffering with acute low back pain and walked away freely. Over the following days my back was completely eased and able to move again freely – And I was pain free!!  Kind regards

Richard Dunbabin (2015)

Very knowledgeable and able to help every time I have made contact.. Highly recommended

Jill Hayter (2016)

I cannot rate Ocean Sports Therapy highly enough. I feel so much better in and about myself ! Keep up the good work guys – Thanks

Tony Kelly (2015)

I d like to thank Ocean Sports Therapy for their exceptional help last year. I was preparing for an important Karate grading examination (the final one before black belt) when my right achilles felt like it exploded. Fearing the worst I went to hospital ended up on crutches and was told to take anti inflamatory medication and give it 2-3 weeks. With my grading 10 days away I was desperate! I spoke to my Karate instructor telling him that I couldn t do my grading and i m so glad I did because he recommended Ocean Sports Therapy.

After a consultation, they diagnosed that I had a very tight calf muscle that was putting pressure on my achilles. I was given some stretching exercises and within a few days I could put weight on my right foot and a few days later I was back to normal and was able to pass this important examination. Six months later – I passed my black belt examination.

Olu Osanyingbemi (2015)

I went to Ocean Sports Therapy with my Wife and I can confidently say we had the best sports massage ever!

Munraj (2018)

Joe Has done a fantastic job since he has been treating me – I would highly recommend.

Sohail (2018)

If you keep up with the daily stretches prescribed by Joe – you will not go wrong. Amazing job Joe!

Jeni Orme (2015)

Have to say a huge thank you to Jane for fixing my shoulder – feeling so much better now!

 Sabrina Emery (2016)

Many thanks to Jane Younger for assessing my knee and teaching me lots of techniques on how to help it recover!

 Therese Edkins (2016)

A big thank you to Ocean Sports Therapy for sorting out my back ache. Whilst I did not know sports massage could be quite so painful, it certainly did the trick. A friendly and efficient service, well done.