COVID-19 Business Contingency Plan

This policy outlines the plans we have to protect our practitioners, customers and business from the effects of a widespread Covid-19 outbreak. However, the situation can change rapidly and while we have tried to allow for a range of circumstances, our plans will have to be flexible and dynamic.


  • To fulfil our Duty of Care towards Ocean Sports Therapy and our patients; ensuring   measures are in place to protect ourselves and our patients from the risk of infection.
  • To limit the risk of wider virus spread.
  • To provide a service to customers as close as possible to our usual standard.
  • To minimise the financial impact of the disruption.

Preventative measures – NHS advice has been communicated to all practitioners and will continue to be as and when guidance changes. This includes a range of measures such as dettol hand washing for 20 seconds before and after every patient. Wiping down surfaces, door handles, card machines etc before/after every patient. 

Government guidance – Ocean Sports therapy will follow all guidance and quarantine orders issued by relevant Government agencies. We will ensure we are not treating any patient who presents with a persistent cough or temperature and will discourage patient attendance unless they are feeling well. In such cases patients will be rescheduled for the recommended time period post 14 days. In the case a practitioner does develop the suggested symptoms they will be strictly following the government self isolation guidelines. 

Preparation for shutdown – In advance of an enforced shutdown, Ocean Sports Therapy will adhere to current recommendations. In such a case we are preparing to launch our online skype consultations within the next 24 hours to ensure we are still able to help those in need. In the case of a shutdown we will also remain contactable via email, phone, text or as mentioned via skype.  

As previously stated, the situation and conditions surrounding Covid-19 are subject to change. Therefore, this guidance may be updated at any time. We thank all our patients for their continued support.